A Garden In Burgundy 2018

As 2018 draws to a close I have taken a moment to post a selection of images from the garden to The Hungry Cyclist Blog.

It has been six years now since I took over the gardens of Moulin Prunier, and while every year sees change, perhaps this year I was able to see some of the structure I have been aiming to achieve in the previous years digging and planting.

As each season and year passes, another area of the garden gets more of my attention. The stock and diversity of plants grows and through division, replanting and hours of labour each finds its place and the garden finds its shape. It is a perpetual learning experience of which I am only at the very beginning, but I am happiest in the garden and so the learning goes on.

Enjoy the slide show below and if you are ever in Auxey-Duresses do pop in to have a look around.