A Hot Tub In Burgundy

I like to to collect things. A brocante is my favorite place to be and I have been known to come back with more things from the tip then I dropped of. Marginal returns I like to call them. So when a good friend offered me an oak wine fermenting vat, I dint hesitate. 

I have no intentions of making wine (well almost), ill leave that to the experts and happily imbibe their efforts. But when I first laid eyes on this vast wooden vessel - my imagination filled it with happy guests resting tired muscles, while being engulfed by steam and hot water. I saw a HOT TUB. 

The Hungry Cyclist Wine Barrel Hot Tub

But these things take time and for over a year the vat has sat outside my front door. Neighbours have rolled their eyes when I told them my plans, but as Napoleon said. Imagination Rules The World...

After all what could be more fitting than having a long soak in wood-fired hot-tub, which in a previous life made the greatest wines on the planet. (Clothing optional).