The gardens at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge are integral to your stay in Burgundy. Blessed with a mill stream running through the property, and stunning views across the vines and cliffs of Saint Romain, the gardens profit from the fertile soil that lines the valley floor of Auxey-Duresses, providing fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year, as well as the perfect place to relax. 

It is our mission to create a garden that respects the local environment and history, as well as providing a calm environment and food for the table.  Like the vineyards that surround The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, the gardens change throughout the year. Working with the renouned landscape architect Cecile Charpentier, the gardens provide a variety of colours, smells and flavours that contribute to your appreciation and understanding of the great wines and food of the region.

 “In my opinion there’s no better place to enjoy a crisp glass of Saint-Romain than by the mill-stream as evening sunlight passes over the vines. The best summer picnics are held under the shady-boughs of the cherry tree, and a perfect evening starts with a game of croquet before dining on the best local produce and garden vegetables flavoured with fresh herbs and paired with local wines.”
Tom Kevill-Davies, The Hungry Cyclist

The Potager

A passion for good food must include an understanding of where food has come from. In Burgundy the locals pride themselves on regional ingredients produced by proud artisans. Exquisite cheeses and fine meats are readily available in the local markets, but ask any Burgundian where the best vegetables come from they will tell you it’s their garden. Throughout the year a steady supply of vegetables and herbs make their way into the kitchens. And while we can’t promise to be self-sufficient at the Hungry Cyclist Lodge, we grow much of what we eat, and believe that the freshest produce eaten seasonally is the best match for the wines of Burgundy.

The Orchards

While Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines have carpeted the slopes of the Cote d’Or for hundreds of years, it’s in the fertile base of the valleys that Burgundians have historically grown their fruit.vWith such a rich history of fruit growing in the region it’s no surprise that notes of local fruits and their blossom are often referenced when tasting local wines. The Moulin Prunier (Plum Tree Mill) has an abundance of fruit trees. Throughout the year cherries, peaches, apples, pears and plums are harvested. What isn’t eaten fresh is cooked or turned into ice cream, and being preserved for homemade jams for your breakfast.

Flower Gardens & Lawns

Surrounded by vineyards, forests and with a mill stream running through the property, the gardens at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge provide a truly relaxing retreat in Burgundy. Because of intensive wine production that takes place in the region, large gardens are a rarity. Almost every acre of land is taken up by vines, so we’re lucky to have almost 3,000m2 of gardens and lawns. While renovating The Lodge, Tom has endeavoured to restore the gardens using plants that are traditional to the region and that profit from the region’s calcium rich soil. Replanting flowers, shrubs and trees that provide colour and texture throughout the year also provides refuge for a huge range wildlife including dragonflies, red squirrels and kingfishers.

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