Winter In A Burgundy Garden - Photography

Hardy plants, branches, watering cans, forgotten garden tools. Nothing is sparred from the sharp crystals of frost that cling to everything. The clear night sky makes way to the bluish hue of morning. A few hungry birds chatter in the bitter cold and heavy blanket of white cold is revealed. 

In the depths of winter in Burgundy the frosts come hard. Our location just west of the Alpes ensure it can get cold and the humidity the rises from the Soane valley make for good frost conditions.

 As an amateur  gardener I celebrate a hard frost. The frozen clods of earth in the vegetable garden a automatically broken down into a fine tilth, saving hours of patient raking and many of the bugs and ‘nasties’ that attack the vegetables and fruit later in the year are obliterated by the cold.

As an amateur photographer the frost also provides a chance for a moral boosting tour of the garden with the camera. Despite cold fingers and feet the frost brings an element of magic to the garden.