la Saint-Vincent Tournante 2015 - Why Not Come Next Year?

Every year on the third weekend in January, a Burgundian wine-making village welcomes the La Saint Vincent Tournante, one of the most historic bacchanalian festivals of the world. Organised by the famous Brotherhood of the Knights of Tastevin, La Saint Vincent Tournante, embodies the spirit of wine making in Burgundy.

Arriving at first light, representatives from every wine making village in Burgundy parade their statue of Saint Vincent, or the patron saint of their village, through the vines and villages towards a celebratory mass.  Banners aloft, local huntsman play their horns, while marching bands keep the procession in time.

A highlight of the wine making year in Burgundy, and an event as spiritually important as it is socially, following the mass a two day wine festival gets underway. Revellers arrive glass-in-hand and meander through the chosen village tasting from seven vintages made especially for the event. Drinking, eating, and celebrating the new wine making year, for months in advance locals prepare paper flowers to decorate the chosen village in the hope of  fine weather to come in the year ahead.

The Saint Vincent is a hugely important date in the diary of any Burgundian and the 'Saint Vincent' is a friendly cheerful festival bringing together wine fans and connoisseurs, curious tourists and winemakers alike.

If you are interested in taking part in the St Vincent festival in 2016, it will be taking place in the wine making village of Irancy. If you are looking for accommodation for La Saint Vincent, come and stay at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge. We can arrange the whole weekend for you and make sure you make the most of this historic event. 

Bon St Vincent!