A Garden In Burgundy - Autumn 2015

October in our Burgundian garden always provides a bonus.  Like an extravagant dessert in a fine restaurant, it arrives after the main event, just when you think you have had enough only for your senses to be reinvigorated for one last bout of pleasure.

Perhaps we over perceptive to the last of the years' colour before the monotone months of winter draw in. Or maybe the sunlight, on its low autumnal arch flatters to deceive.  Either way the autumn of 2015 has not failed to impress. The frosts will come any day now and the garden will be transformed over night, making these last days of clear skies and squint inducing sunshine all the more remarkable. 

After the heat of the summer months the lawn now takes on an intense emerald quality. Insects still search for pollen and our chickens never seem to stop scratching and pecking in preparation for the cold months ahead. Apples bask in later afternoon sunshine and once the chill of morning has passed, the sun is still warms you as you dig. These are days to take profit form gloveless bike rides, al fresco lunches and afternoon naps outside.

Soon those naps will be taken inside, enjoyed after short days of digging cold soil and burning leaves. Our next garden post will come from the depths of winter, but until then we hope you enjoy the last shows of colour from the garden .