From Chablis in the north to Macon in the south, the Burgundy wine region is one of the most celebrated in the world. Vines have been grown in Burgundy for well over a thousand years, and today Burgundy remains one of the most fascinating living landscapes in the world.

The Romans realised the potential of the unique region, followed by the Cistercian monks some 700 years later, who painstakingly developed the concept of ‘terroir’ that we understand today. Terroir, or environmental conditions — especially the soil and climate in which grapes are grown that give wines their unique flavour and aroma — is the magic word here in Burgundy, and on any Hungry Cyclist Tour we’ll explain why this concept makes Burgundy so unique.

Through cellar visits, meeting dedicated individuals who make the wine, guided walks in the vines, wine festivals & private tastings you can discover the wines of the region. Whether it’s a village wine from a small Bio Dynamic producer or one of the great Grand Cru Vintages Burgundy wines are made to be enjoyed, explored and decoded. Like solving a mystery, every taste of wine from this region has a back-story that gives each sip even more satisfaction.

Meet The Makers

Meet the people behind the great wines of burgundy

Meet the people behind the great wines of burgundy

When people talk of 'terroir’ in Burgundy it’s an immediate reference to the landscape and climate. These are the predominant influences, but terroir must also involve the crucial human element.

In Burgundy over 3,000 independent winemakers produce the glorious liquid. Hard working and passionate people who have devoted their lives to wine, it’s by spending time with these winemakers that Burgundian wines can be understood.

At The Hungry Cyclist Lodge we’re lucky enough to call a large number of local producers friends, and we encourage the interaction of producer and consumer, whether during a private tasting at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, or on a winery visit

Cellar Visits

Cellar visits on a Hungry Cyclist Wine holiday

Cellar visits on a Hungry Cyclist Wine holiday

Hidden beneath the villages and towns of Burgundy are the ancient cellars where the great wines of the region are left to age in French oak barrels.

Many of these cellars date back to the Cistercian Monks who pioneered wine making in this region in the 14th century, and the cellars are still used today to age the wines in an ideal temperature and level of humidity.

As well as being practical the ‘caves’ are also architectural gems and any visit to Burgundy would not be complete without a cellar visit that will see you taste ageing wine direct from the barrel.

Discover Terroir In The Vines

Learn about the unique terroir of the region

Learn about the unique terroir of the region

A unique topography makes Burgundy wines so distinctive, and one of the best ways to explore and understand these wines is to explore the landscape.

While a huge amount can be learned about wine from studying books and articles, there’s no substitute to experiencing the vines, villages and people of Burgundy up close.

To take a hike in the vines around The Hungry Cyclist Lodge could not be easier, and we enjoy nothing more than sharing our knowledge of the landscape, and its relationship with the wines it produces.

Wine Festivals & Events

Live like a local at one of the many wine events of the region

Live like a local at one of the many wine events of the region

From the Saint-Vincent Tournante in late January through to the Vente de Vin in November, there are hugely enjoyable wine events and festivals throughout the year in Burgundy.

As well as festivals, winemakers often open their cellar doors to the public to taste wines during a Porte Ouvert. You can also enjoy gourmet walks in the vines, guided by Tom and his passionate team. These local events provide an opportunity to be a part of the community as well as being great fun.

It’s likely when you visit Burgundy there will be something going on, so let us know if you are interested and we’ll be sure you get involved so you can live like a local. Please check our events calendar for more information.

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