Burgundy produce is second-to-none. We may be biased, but we regard that as fact and local chefs pride themselves on creating dishes that honour flavour and pair perfectly with Pinot Noir & Chardonnay wines. The heritage of Burgundian cuisine is always respected and while many of the great names of modern French cuisine have set up shop in Burgundy, tradition still reigns supreme.

Any trip to Burgundy would be incomplete without tasting snails swimming in garlic butter, jambon persille or the acclaimed Charolais beef. A wine maker in Burgundy will tell you that to make good wine you have to start with good grapes and this ethos is carried into the kitchen. Burgundian food is unfussy and is focused firmly on sourcing the very best ingredients and cooking them perfectly.

It is this ethos that inspires the cooking and gourmet tours you can visit from The Hungry Cyclist Lodge. Depending on when you visit Burgundy, you’ll taste different types of seasonal favourites. Wild asparagus in the spring, vine peaches and cherries in late summer and an abundance of Ceps, girolles and truffles in the autumn, making for delicious options all year round.

Gourmet Picnics 

the best food in the best locations

the best food in the best locations

One of the best ways to enjoy the exceptional cuisine of Burgundy is to be surrounded by its unique landscape.

 In the lazy days of summer when the vines are lush and the sun is hot we like to roll out a rug at a stunning spot overlooking vineyards, sit back, and enjoy the best in local produce and wine.

  At The Hungry Cyclist Lodge we pride ourselves on our picnics, so whether you’re dining under our cherry tree, or you’re out on a cycling tour, our picnics are unforgettable.

Market Visits 

Saturday Market in beaune

Saturday Market in beaune

Fresh regional produce, colourful locals, tempting smells and a lively atmosphere. A market visit in Burgundy is elixir for the senses, with the street markets in Burgundy justifying the region’s reputation as the stomach of France.

Dijon and Beaune markets are among the largest and best known in this part of France, while visits to Chagny and the livestock market in Louhan provide a rustic insight into the nuances of Burgundian cuisine.

 Gourmet visits to local markets can easily be added to your stay, as well as post-market picnics and cooking courses back at the Lodge. 


Michelin Stars


The coveted Michelin Star is the bench mark to which great chefs aspire, and with its deep gastronomic roots, it is no surprise that Burgundy has an abundance of Michelin-Starred restaurants.

The three-starred restaurant of La Maison Lameloise is only 15 minutes away in Chagny and Le Relais Bernard Loiseau of Saulieu is less than an hour's drive from Auxey-Duresses.

Closer to home there are no less than eight Michelin-Starred restaurants within 20 km of The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, ensuring you can enjoy some of the finest dining in France during your stay.

Cook Local Classics

Learn to Cook The Classics

Learn to Cook The Classics

Boeuf a la Bourgignonne, gougères , escargots, Jambon persille, Oeufs en meurette ...

A trip to Burgundy would not be complete without trying one of these time-honoured dishes and at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge we go one better. Using our well equipped kitchens and gardens of herbs, vegetables and fruit you can make these classics of the Burgundy kitchen and many more.

As well as learning to cook like a Burgundian, we'll compliment each dish with the perfect wine pairing to enjoy around the communal dinning table.

Wild Food & Wine

hunt, cook and enjoy mushrooms and truffles 

hunt, cook and enjoy mushrooms and truffles 

A cherished ingredient of a Burgundian kitchen are the mushrooms and truffles found in the forests and fields of the region. From spring to late autumn the menus of local restaurants and market stalls abound with plump ceps, pieds-de-mouton, golden chanterelles and morel mushrooms as well as the famed truffles of Burgundy.

Teaming up with Nick Weston of Hunter Gather Cook, the UK’s leading wild food school, we are putting together a week of wild food and wine in Burgundy. Walk and cycle during the day in search of the best of forest fare before returning to The Hungry Cyclist Lodge to prepare and pair your ingredients with the great wines of the region.

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