Red Currant and Mascarpone Eton Mess - Cycling PicNic

Mid summer is an ideal time to visit The Hungry Cyclist Lodge. The cherries are ripe on the trees and the days are long providing plenty of time to enjoy the gardens and get out and about to explore by bike. Red currants are also ready to eat at this time of the year. Clinging to their branches in delicate clusters, they glimmer in the sunlight tempting predators (including myself) for a delicious mouthful of sharp and sweet pleasure. 

Those red currants that make it back to the kitchen are perfect for a quick cycling picnic. Their sharp tang pairs perfectly with the creamy mascarpone and sweet meringue.

I should of course make my own meringues, but when the local baker in Meursault makes them for you it saves a huge amount of bother. (Serves 4 hungry cyclists).

  • 250g marscapone cheese
  • large hand full of red currants 
  • 2 large meringues
  • sliced almonds 

1. Place the meringues in a zip lock bag, think about your tax return and hit them with a rolling pin until broken into small pieces. 

2. In a large bowl mix the smashed meringues and marscapone until blended. 

3. Now pluck the red currants from their stalks and mix two or three times with the marscapone and meringues. Some will break up but don't panic. 

4. Scoop the contents into four tumblers. Toast the almonds over a gentle heat until golden and garnish each cup with the almonds and remaining red currants.